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Mid-term elections 2006: a change of mind

13th of November, 2006.
Mid-term elections, this is a cause for reconsideration?
About midterm election, I have some comments.

In 2002, after results of midterm elections had been announced by sweeping win to republicans, one of the commentators said, "American public have said to the president, 'Go and occupy Iraq'".

4 years later, the same scene has been repeated. After the results have been announced of Democrats' win, most of commentators have said, "American republic has said, 'No to war, yes to withdrawal from Iraq'".

The cost inside America may be not quite so heavy; some people changes their minds or opinions.

But in another place, this change requires more than million victims, river of blood, and a country so called Iraq is going to be eliminated.

I'd like to ask if the American peoples know the cost of changing their minds?

Is theirs a glimmer of hope in horizons?

Is that fair?

I don't think so.
Belala Alani is an husband and father, controls and system engineer, and world citizen concerned with human-rights.

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