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Human Rights in Iraq(2)

21st of May, 2005.
Exploiting human-rights dogma
The problem is, they who perpetrate human rights encroachments in Iraq, put plans for this work defended by principles to protect human rights.

Now. After the subjection of Iraqis to encroachment of human rights throughout Saddam's regime we hear no voices that sympathize with this from the world because those U.S. take off Saddam's regime with voice so loud we hear nothing else but their denouncement of these encroachments, closing the world's view into only the bad.

After this time over, being clear to Iraqis and all the world that Saddam was encroaching on human rights, but who comes after Saddam encroaches human-rights in unsightlier fashion than ever he did.

If you want to object, they will say to you we wage war against terror. If you tell them their final result will be more ugly than terrorism, they accuse you of supporting terror.

Suppling charges to justify despotic rule in the name of striving against terror is the starting point to continuous encroachments of human-rights in Iraq.

In the name of freedom, our country has been opened to the drugs. In the name of waging war against terror, anybody who doesn't agree with the Iranians in Iraq policy has been killed. With all these justifications against us, we need to resist this tide of encroachments and I expect we can't get success in this, therefore human-rights will be the worst in the world. I call the human-activists to do what they can to prevent this imminent disaster.

And there will appear those who say Saddam's respect for human-rights was better than this.

In the name of waging war against terror, Iran occupied Iraq indirectly and handed over power to Iranian allies under Iraqi names.

Under the name of striving against terror, those United States invaded Iraq and occupied it.

Before those United States invaded, there was no terrorism in Iraq. After two years and more than an half million Iraqi casualties, a pentagon announces that to eliminate terror in Iraq they need 10 years.

They want us to live with the mess and chaos and fighting they are imposing on us for 10 years, and after that say to us we do teach you human rights.

Are these teachers and their lessons our fate?

Belala Alani is an husband and father, controls and system engineer, and world citizen concerned with human-rights.

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