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Iranian Role in Iraq

1st of June, 2005.
Neigbourly relations

Geography can play a big role in determining the destiny of a state, positive effects for some and negative for others, depending on the nature of that geography and of those states close in proximity.

The tragedy for Iraq is to bear the negative effects. Throughout history, Iraq has paid exorbitantly for neighboring Iran and it appears the future will cost just as dearly. Without mustering all his strengths to resist the virus and germs injected in his body by Iran, may be he will meet his end under the hand of this neighbor.

The Goals:

It has been argued the Iranian mind is a veiled one, incapable of dealing with reality through an open mind, therefore contriving his goals by building on components from the past empire, exercising ungovernable wishes to extend and control Iraq. This approach pushes Iran to execute large scale missions involving numerous activists and great sums of money to further this fiction. To this end, one million Iranian people have been provided with forged documents and transferred to Iraq, invading the cities and purchasing houses and plots of land, paying several times their real cost. Thus established, they can participate in Iraqi elections, furthering the interests of those parties allied with Iran, whose real goal is the domination of rich Southern Iraq's oil, by encouraging division and separation, ultimately to declar an independant state that will be weak and rich, to be governed by Iranians carrying Iraqi names, ultimate ceding to Iran as was done with the Iraqi Alahwaz district at the outset of the previous century with the help of Great Britain.

Implementation tools:

Iran's approach is extremely proficient, wielding great diversity of tools to implement their plans, co-ordinating and managing them on many fronts, including:

The Badr Corps

Supreme Council For Islamic Revolution (SCIRI)

Clerics, especially Alsistani

Iranian intelligence agency (IIA)

Material aids including almost everything (weapons, communication device, computers, information, ... and cars)

Charity work such medicine services, drinking water, etc.

Spreading the trafficking of drugs for both profit and destruction of the fabric of society.

Distributing the work of all these are the Badr crops and SCIRI, responsible for acquiring authority by taking domination of security systems and taking over high government positions, especially in Southern Iraq to create sympathetic environent for the other tools required to infiltrate their agents in all facilities.

Attitude of those United States:

There is a small area of overlap between Iranian and United States' goals, such that they are willing to share the task of creating Iraqi divisions and ultimately civil war. Where there are differences in their goals, Iran and their allies plan to avoid any confrontation with those United States. This same group, who in Tehran raised the popularity of such slogans as "Death to America" and "America is the Greatest Devil", find it convenient for the moment to forget such passions and co-operate with those United States. Iran and allies claim to keep U.S. forces in Iraq continuously until the change is complete, effectively forcing those United States to deal with Iran on Iraqi soil, alike unto a game on the chessboard. Those United States fail to declare Iran's activities in Iraq ( what power does Iran have over the western devil?), which if perpetuated will pave the way to losing what little control they have left over events, impelling them to accept what new situations Iran decides to effect.

The Badr Corps & SCIRI:

A principle component in furthering Iranian influence throughout Southern Iraq was the IIA's founding of the Badr Corps in Iran in 1982, to assist expelled Iraqis and Iranians living in Iraq. An important focus for this corps was to focus on Iraqi prisoners of war, and obtain whatever political, military and inteligence benefits they could from them. Intensive brainwashing and psychological techniques were employed to these "recruits". Disclosure of the details of these activities led to recognition of Geneva Convention breaches, a scandal avoided only by employing Iranian Mohammed Baker al Hakim to supervise the corps, who gave them Iraqi colour by founding the SCIRI, and making the Iranian Mamod Hashmi aid of Alhakim.

This organization used ugly methods to torture Iraqi prisoners of war and recruit them to affiliate with the IIA. Hence the protest of POWs against nomination of Chief of Badr Corps to the interior ministry because of what they know about their ugly methods used when interrogating POWs, subjecting them to insults, torture and fatal treatment. To avoid legal prosecution of nominate Vice Chief (Solag), a Farsi name has been used instead.

The Badr Corps and SCIRI continue killing Iraqi people to satisfy Iran interest throughout . The regime fall in 2003 Iran afforded suitable moments and influence to achieve plans of taking over.

One hundred thousand Badr Corps fighters entered Iraqi land, armed with with weapons, strategic information and the required monies. Assisted by thousands of SCIRI staff, they immediately executed the plans plotted in Tehran, including assassination of doctors, professors, managers, officers, pilots, religious and political leaders, and anybody who voiced objection to their plans. They founded organised crime and allowed Iranians to invaded all Iraqi cities. Iran continues to support these efforts, now engaging with dubious deals with the Kurds including the granting of Kirkuk city to the Kurds and control of security, and positions on the interior ministry from where they now execute their crimes in the name of the government and financed by the state.

The Current Situation:

Some indicators of the level of Iranian domination, especially in Southern Iraq

Iraqi prime Minster does not appoint any nominated to ministry without Iran agreement; all whom Iran objects to have been refused.

Abd Alaziz Alhakim, chief of SCIRI, claimed from the Iraqi state compensation to Iran of one hundred billion dollars when he was chief of governing council (Iraqi president), an hitherto unprecedented case of a president of state suing his state to compensate another state.

The first and last word in Southern Iraq is that of the IIA, nobody dares attracting the attention of the IIA because they know they will be assassinated. Many people have been disposed of for merely mentioning Iran's meddling with Iraq's affairs.

Bombing oil pipe has been executed by groups taking orders from the IIA to stop flow of Iraqi oil to export, thus serving Iran's interest.

Gangs and thieves are encouraged to steal state funds and assets to smuggle into Iran. Such thefts include electric power towers, cables, cars, large machines, expensive minerals, medicine, which are but a few, and really, there is no exception to what is stolen for Iran.

All Iranian commodities and expired foods invaded Iraqi markets.

The current interior minister is an Iranian citizen and announced frankly that he will cooperate with the devil (the devil here means Iranian agents of domination).


Iranians and their Iraqi allies invade Iraq and fester alike to cancer cells. They continually weaken the country, destroying it's potential, creating sedition and struggle among the people until they rupture, then devouring piece after piece.

In these their plots they have great success and profit greatly for it. Our role is to reclaim humanity and put stop to this devillish plot. This cancer. This disaster is happening in Southern Iraq. As this plot hatches, Southern Iraq is quickly becoming a region infected with drugs, networks of prostitution and organized crime, laundering of monies and corrupt administration.

In the name of humanity we dare voice: stop this disaster.

Belala Alani is an husband and father, controls and system engineer, and world citizen concerned with human-rights.

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