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Iraqi Children, Sweets and Car Bombs

10th of August, 2005.
What the eye-witnesses say about western methods past and present.
On the 1st of October, 2004, Kim Sengupta in Baghdad reported for The Independant the following article: "Dozens of Iraqi children die in Baghdad bomb attack"

I know the region where this event occurred and have walked in their roads several times. A place where poverty is known well, most people local to this area care little for political affairs. I tried to find the real story about this event from outside the media, and these are the facts i heard as experienced by the locals:

1. Those United States forces are informed about a bombing car found in this region.

2. Those U.S. forces arrive and proceed to close all roads in the area.

3. Those U.S. soldiers spread out and call the children to give them the sweets ( useing them as human armour). Children from another road nearby come and Iraqi police try to prevent them from reaching the area of danger, but those U.S. forces order the Iraqi police to allow to them to pass and reach this area. Eventually there is a large gathering of children around the bombing car.

4. Suddenly, those U.S. forces start drawing quickly, and after less than one minute the car is bombing and kills the children. None of those U.S. soldiers has been killed or wounded in the event, that.s in the words of eyes-witnesses.

5. The Iraqi government and those U.S. forces are ready to exploit the event and distribute the charges here and there.

6. No body or group or any organisation claims responsibility for this event, despite such groups having adopted processes far bloodier than employed here.

7. Finally, this event fullfills many of the goals of intelligence groups and represents an investment on somebody's part to to reach for and execute those goals

8. This event bears all the hallmarks of those who executed the "7/7" underground bombings in London - organisations or members from the Middle East, managed indirectly by the CIA and western intelligence.

Belala Alani is an husband and father, controls and system engineer, and world citizen concerned with human-rights.

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