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16th of May, 2005.
Strange saviours
Matador is finished. (Matador is a United States name to the wide military process that has been inflicted upon Western Iraq). Matador has been finished for some time now, but disaffection is far from finished. In fact, deterioration in so many things is still rising. U.S troops alienated people. They wreck our life. Hangover of occupation grows quickly. We are sacrificed for nothing. Iraq is the cradle of civilizations, or that's what has been taught in school but Iraq now is pushed away by "civilisation". From here there is little other appraisal possible, Iraq is being subjected to a devilish plot, an aggenda to toss it to hell.

We hear every day loud United States voices, at the same time we hear many voices denouncing those United States but none of them get close to the real facts of the matter. Between them, we try to be the nearest to fact. What I have said is fact to our region in western Iraq. Iraqi people are not acutely aware of what is being planned for them. They are dizzy, reeling from the repeated poundings of explosions and the battle of politicians.

U.S has broken the domination of the tyrant, and handed over power to a group even worse than he ever was. U.S. policy paves the way right back to blind prejudice, leading to even more terrible things. After their attack on our town of Alobaidi some days ago, I came back to my city on Friday and today I journeyed about.

It is terrible.

With many dead including so many children and bombed out shells of homes, it feels like the heart has been ripped from this small town. And what happened in other quarters has left far greater destruction. Our people have been ignored. High professionals leave the country. The evolution of all things is rapid turning worse and even worse. Commodities from all the world have invaded the market. Iran exports to us drugs, hired killers and prejudice. Is this what we need to get saved? Is this neighbor or devil?

All these things are sponsered by those United States. Iran and U.S. play dirty games to divide Iraq. Both create and encourage separatist movements. Both encourage sabotage and politicians are lubricious. Both want to gain domination. Both encourage spurts of killers and fighters to keep upsetting the state. Both encourage traitors. Both try to undermine national conciliation. Both partner in terror.

Disclosure of both is required.

Belala Alani is an husband and father, controls and system engineer, and world citizen concerned with human-rights.

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