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. Christina Dobreva

The Core of Everything
God is the greatest universal mind, the core of everything - everything evolves from him and goes back to him, he is the vivid spark, found in minerals, plants and people... Everything that exists in the Universe, no matter if it`s energy or substance, in its base common sense is being created - the only implicit and eternal energy that lives in both smallest and greatest things. Everything is substance and in the same time- energy. The substance is an energy in a condition of more frequent vibrations. Substance and energy are the two poles that give evidence of the mentality and mind. Because of the fact that the Universe is a mental creature, we exist in God`s mind. In the moment we realize that God is a mind and that this mind lives in the human, we can see that it`s possible to join the Universal Intelligence. If we could understand that "everything`s a mentality", we would have found our path of life`s secrets. The energy we call God is revealed in the shape of a dual might.

On one hand it`s constructive, on other hand - destructive. They both balance well. The constructive power always creates something new - a life. The destructive power`s aim is to destroy, so that new, more perfect forms of life could be created. What we call the devil is nothing more than a God`s duplicate, his shadow. If we apply a hermetic dictum "what is above, the same is below and vice versa", we`ll see that in the human being we can find a copy of the whole Universe with all the planets, galaxies, suns and Gods, and also the two powers - the constructive and the destructive one. One who wants to find God, should always remember that the greatest wisdom is to love each other and also that one who`s on the top should always help the others. We should never forget that haughtiness, vanity and arrogance are enemies of our weals.

Christina is an Indy Media International contributor and assistant to the British Council in Bulgaria

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