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. Christina Dobreva

We reap as we sow
What's above, the same is below.
We reap as we sow.
There is counteraction to every action.
Emptyness must be filled.
Everything changes.
Give to be given.
Poles search for balance.

Lent from ancient wisdoms

Cast aside the doubt, carry in serenity and ease the tention which complicates the karma, by filling yourself and everything that surrounds you with love. The egoistic adherence surely stores up karma. We should develop in ourselves an attitude of detachment and particularism which wouldn`t mean we wouldn`t care. The Old Testament`s message for karma - " An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth " is out of date nowadays. Once we have reached to an enlightenment, we realize and accept The New Testament`s apprehension of remission, which frees the karma energies. To grow up, we should all pass through various survivals and gain our lessons - out attitude and feelings towards these survivals cause the different way we walk on. Distinguishing the karma from the possibility changes your actions and reactions, within the various motives and inducements. Standing in front of a possibility, when the situation requires and leads to a growth, you will feel an impulse and an impetus to a raise and entering new stuff. But if the situation is karmic, you will feel confused and pushed towards an action, as if you are a part of some kind of a drama. Then, and even later, you might not realize what is going on - so, follow your intuition. No matter which way you will choose, the most important is to do your best and to remember what you have learnt. There are two basic types of personal karma :

1. Karma of the situation, which means that whatever you have caused to someone else in your past life, or in one of your previous lives, it returns to you in some way from the same person in this life.

2. Karma of the relations,, which means, for instance, that the anger you have felt in a previous rebirth, towards the life or the others, refers and affects your actions now.

The karma gained from situations could continue in a lot of rebirths. Until a certain person doesn`t grow up enough to ask for and change their actions and reactions, and this way to stop the respective karma. The karma of the relations attracts back the anger, this way it breeds fear and alarms. The karma of the others - most people are attached to the karma of other people, at the same time or not. When we worry too much about someone else or we mess about where there`s no need, we are caught in this trap. Instead of this, send your bless and love. Before we are reborn and accept the perishable form, we support taking a decision what kind of karma we should try to balance and which are the areas of knowledge we want to grow up in. The more one has grown up, the more capacity of choices of planning things they have.
Christina is an Indy Media International contributor and assistant to the British Council in Bulgaria

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