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. Christina Dobreva
Letter to Tony Blair

8th of June, 2005.
A Letter To Great Britain's Prime Minister, Tony Blair
I come from a small country in Europe - Bulgaria. We've been applying for the EU for about 10 years and more...Now that we're almost there, poverty is still knocking on the door of most Bulgarians. Including me. I am 18 and I do want to live a normal life, but being unable to make my wanted future possible, makes me realize how small I am, when I live in a country like Bulgaria. I get the feeling all the time that we're cursed to always remain unhappy with who we are. And believe me, Mr Blair, that hurts. We know how worthy we are and how deeply Europe needs us.

Pity, things don't get better at all. We continue to count our saved levs/euros/dollars/pounds and we can't seem to find a way to work more and more, just because physically it's not possible. I am a self-realized teenager in Bulgaria who has to work to eat and besides, working seems to be the only way I can think of getting a higher degree in education. In or out Bulgaria. Mr Blair, Bulgaria's social and economical status is not tragic, but most contries in Africa suffer so much more from poverty. Just take into consideration my story, try to see the pain in it and you'll know what the story of millions in Africa is. Only doubled. G8 CAN make a lot to improve the whole world.

Christina is an Indy Media International contributor and assistant to the British Council in Bulgaria

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