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Some people find it difficult to be satisfied no matter what they've managed to accrue and will go to any lengths to get even more of what they think they want. It behooves us all to recognise these lengths for what they are, to not be blinded by their arguments and to discuss them with others, in preparation to reject as best we can each next step they are prepared to take.

War Crimes News
Latest from WN network. Most diverse portal.

Not In Our Name
U.S. citizens and their sympathisers demanding no war on the world and no police state restrictions, no detentions or roundups.


AlBasrah Net
Personal site whistle-blowing the attrocities required for the west to expand into Iraq. Quite graphic in places and not for the faint hearted.

Iraq Antiwar Resources
Document of the developing struggle, the world over, to kick out those united states occupiers.

Iraq Body Count Project
Public database of media-reported civilian deaths in Iraq resulting directly by military action.

Electronic Iraq
An Iraq crisis news portal provide by alternative Middle East news publishers.

Committee to End the Occupation of Iraq
Working to build solidarity with the Iraqi peoples and demanding military withdrawl.


United Nations Relief and Works Agancy (UNRWA)
Website of UNRWA who carry out relief and works programmes for the refugees of Near East Palestine.

Electronic Intifada
One of the leading Palestinian portals for information about the conflict and its depiction in the media.

If Americans Knew"
If Americans Knew strongly believe the citizens of those Unites States deserve access to information of the financial and human costs, and how these are defrayed, in Israel's American-financed militarism, in the hope that same citizens thus informed would act to stop the drive of violence in the region

The Palestine Chronicle
An independent internet magazine, dedicated to addressing issues and offering perspectives rarely seen in mainstream western media.

The Palestinian Information Centre
"The voice of Palestine"

Palestine Remembered
A site providing comprehensive sources of information on the core issues of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and resources for refugees.

Anne Gwynne (unnofficial) home page
Sixty-five year old Welsh grandmother and independant humanitarian worker in Palestine taking details of Israeli war crimes in Nablus. The Nablus focus affords discussion of factors affecting much of occupied Palestine.


Cry of Distress
Stark comparison of the spirit of the New York aggreement verses the actual outcome of The Act of Free Choice.

The Forgotten Pacific Coutnry
Good set of resources on the peoples and their plight in West Papua.

Tapol, the Indonesia Human Rights Campaign
"Tapol" is Indonesian for "political prisoner". An informative site for any interested in the human-rights situations of Aceh, Maluku, West Papua and even Indonesia itself.

West Papua Action
An Irish initiative of solidarity and campaigning, working at many levels in Irish society to highlight and address the plight of West Papuans.

West Papua Project
The papers of the 2004 Center for Peace and Conflict Studies project and associated workshops for promoting dialogues of peace in West Papua.

Cases of Human Rights in West Papua since Indonesian Occupation
Deceptively brief portal to myriad documents and arguments regarding West Papua in general and the various issues that plague its peoples. Covers in particular the human-rights violations occupation has brought for West Papuans.

Chillingly matter-of-fact chronology of events leading from Operasi Sapu Bersih through to the Lereh massacre. A good springboard for in depth study.

Bishop Deakin's famous mediation/plea for recognition of and action against the attrocities being conducted in West Papua to the baton of world apathy.

International Action for West Papua
IAWP is an international lobbying group of activists worldwide whose main objective is to internationalize West Papua and the right of West Papuans to self-determination.

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